Heroes of Fiction and the Monomyth: Hero Comparison Chart

I've created a table for recording similarities and differences between the Monomyth and modern fictional heroes. I've completed the first comparison for you. Note that I've listed a simple phrase and linked you to an outside resource, where you can verify my statement.

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The Monomyth Concept

Modern Representation


Call to Adventure

In Harry Potter, Harry is called to
the wizarding world with the delivery
via owl of the Hogwarts acceptance
letter. (Also, Harry has a terrible life with his aunt, uncle and cousin. The chance to leave is something he gladly takes. I don't remember the refusal of the call, or even any trepidation. That makes his tale different. It seems everyone has a moment when they question "Why me?" I don't recall Harry ever doing that, especially at the beginning. --Cate Mahaney)

Call to adventure

Here, Luke is being visited by Obi-Wan and is initially called upon his adventure to save the galaxy. He must learn the ways of the force in order to restore balance to the universe. -Kristan B.

The Call to Action
There are many calls to action throughout Batman series'. The video clip features the opening scene of The Dark knight where the Joker and his helpers are violently robbing a bank. This is an event that calls Batman into action.

-Amanda Guenther.

The Call to Adventure: In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is called to adventure when she is dropped in the land of Oz. She is confronted by a place that is much different from Kansas. She must either go on a journey to the Emerald City, or stay in Munchkinland. It is more a necessity than a call, the title implies that heroes have a choice. Dorothy didn't really have a choice if she wanted to see her family again. --Cate Mahaney

She did have the choice though to stay in Munchkinland and with her new "friends" she meets along the way or to go home so she did ultimately have a choice. -deLacy Kennedy

The Lion King/Call to Adventure



This is a clip from the Disney movie, The Lion King. Simba was called to adventure when Nala came to find him to tell him that Pride Rock was completely falling apart. There was no food, no water, and the animals were beginning to leave. She begged him to come back to fight Scar and to save Pride Rock. At first, Simba said no because he felt like he didn't belong there anymore. Then he met, Rafiki. Rafiki told him to look deep inside himself to find out who he truly is. I feel like all heroes go through this stage where they have to soul search to realize that they were meant to be a hero. When Simba searches, he finds his father. His father was the King of Pride Rock and was well respected. Simba then sets out to go back home to Pride Rock to fight for his kingdom.

-Kristen Heer

Peter Pan-Call to adventure


This is a clip from Disney's Peter Pan. This was a part in the movie when Peter Pan went back to save Wendy, Michael, John, and The Lost Boys from Captain Hook and his pirates. Peter Pan risked his life for all of these children. He made Captain Hook look like a fool and rescued all of the children. He knew once he rescued them that the children were going to go back home to, "grow up," which is exactly what he did not want them to do. As a hero, he knew he had to do the right thing and save the children so they can return home to become adults and "grow up."

Call to Adventure/Refusal to Call

In The Hunger Games, Katniss's "Call to
Adventure" occurs when her younger sister's,
Primrose's, name is pulled from annual
lottery for the Hunger Games. She doesn't
hesitate at all in her decision which is the
opposite of what the "Refusal to Call" is.
The reader already knows that this is a life
or death "game," so Katniss's eagerness
to take Primrose's place makes her a
likable character and a hero right off the bat.
-Andi Matecki
Interesting point. Katniss is very likable because she is able to risk everything the moment her sister is put in danger. I wonder if the refusal to the call, or even second-guessing would make a character more relateable? I think most adolescents realize that they wouldn't be able to handle the situations that heroes face. If they saw that even the heroes are unsure and scared, maybe teenagers would feel better about their own insecurities. But Katniss is a great character who is impossible not to cheer for. --Cate Mahaney

Supernatural Aid

In Star Wars when Luke is trying to blow up
the Death Star, he is contacted by Obi Wan
to "use the force" even after Obi Wan is dead.
This type of contact from the beyond is the
supernatural aid that Luke is looking for in order to complete his mission.

-Kristan B.

Supernatural Aid

Probably my favorite Disney movie of all time is Aladdin. In this movie, there is a classic scene in which Aladdin first finds the magic lamp and is helped by Genie. This is a great example of Supernatural Aid because without Genie, Aladdin most likely would never have gotten out of the cave and been able to defeat Jafar. I had a hard time finding the Embedding code of this video so I linked it in the Widget column.

-Luke Hider
(I have included a video that shows the first time Aladdin meets the Genie. I know it isn't as much as you found, but this video was able to be embedded. Hope it works! --Cate Mahaney)

Supernatural Aid
In Harry Potter's life, Dumbledore was his guide through much of his struggles and discoveries. Even in the time of his death, Dumbledore still leads Harry on what ends up being his final journey. Harry struggles with finding out what he needs to do without Dumbledore there to lead him and give him advice, but he realizes in the end that Dumbledore has ultimately provided him with all the tools that he needed to succeed in his journey of stopping Voldermort.
-Alyssa Velk

Supernatural Aid
Io has been watching over Perseus since he was born and helps him on his journey to find a way to defeat the Cracken and in doing so, avenge his family by defeating Hades. She gives him advise in multiple instances. In the clip that I selected, you see her teaching Perseus how to kill Medusa. _Andi Matecki

Supernatural Aid- Ancestors and Mushu
In the movie Mulan, she is faced with a large task of going to fight in her fathers place, and to honor her family name. In return, her ancestors are brought to life in order to guide her along the way. Those that have seen the movie, know that Mushu also aids her in her journey, even though it was supposed to be the larger dragon. (The Stone Dragon!)
-Kelsey Polhemus

I absoultely love this Disney movie and I think this was a great choice to pick for this comparison chart. I never even realized that Mushu was called to adventure. He really does guide her along all of her journeys.
-Kristen Heer

The Helpers

"The hero is often accompanied on the journey by a helper who assists in the series of tests and serves as a loyal companion."

In the Harry Potter series, Harry is accompanied by Hermione and Ron in the majority of his battles. In the video clip, Harry meets them for the first time in The Sorcerer's Stone.

-Amanda Guenther

Supernatural Aid: Dorothy is helped through the journey to the Emerald City by Glinda, the good witch. She tells Dorothy that she must go to the Emerald City and protects Dorothy when she can. The only clip I could find to show this was from the end of the film. Glinda, however, is there from the beginning. --Cate Mahaney

Supernatural Aid: In the film Willow, some villagers must take an unknown child out of the village for their own protection. Willow, a farmer who likes to dabble in magic, was one of the men selected. As they are about to cross the first threshold, they receive some magic from the local wizard. This is a comical scene, but shows the importance of a magical aid. It helps the heroes feel that there is a higher power helping them along the way. --Cate Mahaney

Companion: Peter Pan called to Wendy to fly to Never Never Land to accompany him on his adventure to "never grow up." Wendy takes the role of "mother" to Peter Pan and his other friends. She serves as Peter's loyal companion throughout his journey. --Katlyn Swanson

This was kind of like the video I posted. I just posted the part after he fought Captain Hook and made him admit that, "He is a codfish." I think that this movie is a really great example of being called to adventure.
-Kristen Heer

Link to Aladdin scene (I checked and the embedding link is disabled by YouTube -Kelsey Polhemus)

Harry Meets Hermonie and Ron (I embedded the video below for easier access -Kelsey Polhemus)

Crossing the First Threshold

There are many instances in Lord of The Rings where Frodo, Sam, and other members of The Fellowship are forced to leave their comfort zone. However, this is the first, and the most obvious point in the movie (and book!) where Sam acknowledges that he has never physically been so far away from home. Leaving The Shire marks the beginning of a long and difficult journey for these two hobbits. (Great clip! It is a perfect representation of Crossing the First Threshold. I have nothing to edit, just wanted to say how much I appreciated seeing this clip here! --Cate Mahaney)

Threshold Crossing
"The hero eventually must cross into a dark underworld, where he will face evil and darkness, and thereby find true enlightenment, but first he/ she must get past a guardian who guards the threshold."

The movie Hellboy is all about the supernatural and paranormal. This constitutes the characters in this film fighting evil and darkness each and every day. They even have to fight it within themselves most times because they are kept hidden from the outside world since they would be seen as "evil" and "dark" by the regular people. They are constantly fighting those guarding the terrible weapons they set out to destroy to save the people of the world.
-Alyssa Velk

Crossing the First Threshold

In the film Tron Legacy, the main protagonist Sam Flynn clearly crosses into a new world when he enters his dad's old arcade. When he's there, he finds a secret room with a computer that literally sucks him into a new world. Once he's there he is skeptical, but soon realizes what's going on.

Crossing the threshold
This crossing at King's Cross Station separates Harry from the muggle world into the wizarding world. He is literally crossing a threshold which leads him to his adventures. -Kristan B.

Crossing the Threshold
Even though there are multiple thresholds that Jake has to cross during the movie, the first big one in Avatar is when he inhabits the body of a native for the first time. It's a new experience for him, and he's able to stand on his own two legs for the first time in years since he became paralyzed. He begins the real meat of his journey once he becomes used to his "new body." _Andi Matec

Crossing the First Threshold: Dorothy walk along the Yellow Brick Road. This indicates that she has started her adventure. She has no idea what is ahead of her. All she wants to do is go home and this is the only way to do it. She appears to be willing to do whatever it takes to make it. --Cate Mah

Video of Harry at King's Cross Station

Youtube.com wouldn't let me embed the video of Jake Sully in his new body. Here's the link to it:

Entering the Belly of the Whale

In the movie Tangled, Rapunzel is in danger the second she leaves her tower for the first time. She has never seen the real world, so everything is brand new for her. However, the first real moment of danger for her is when she enters the tavern. Up until this point, she only had to worry about Flynn, a man she doesn't know, but has still spent some time with. When she goes into the tavern, she is forced to acknowledge the danger that dozens of strangers present. She feels real panic for the first time. Of course, since it's Disney, there is no real danger; only a song. But if this were an adolescent novel or movie, Rapunzel might have been in real trouble.

-Gretchen Roesch

I think that it is interesting, as well as convenient, that so many if not all of the Disney movies fit perfectly into the monomyth cycle. I found this clip that uses many of the Disney movies and shows what scenes from which fit into each of the cycles category. Disney Monomyth Cycle -deLacy Kennedy


The Road of Trials: Jason Bourne's tests and trials come from his desire to know his true identity. Once he receives the information of his real name and place of birth, he sets out to draw back memories of who he once was. Through all the violent encounters, his ability to fight his enemies allows him to advance in his quest to find himself. --Katlyn Swanson

To Kill A Mockingbird <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8TgqenWW0I>

Atticus Finch is the hero in this beloved novel. He is an idol for his children, a saviour in the eyes of Tom Robinson, and a hero in the eyes of modern society. A widowed working father who has the courage to rise above the prejudice of society and do what is right, Atticus is an inspiring figure in modern times because it takes pure courage to stand up to a community set on doing the wrong thing.
"They're certainly entitled to think that, and they're entitled to full respect for their opinions," said Atticus, "but before I can live with other folks I've got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience." -deLacy Kennedy (I never would have thought of Finch as being on a hero quest, but he is a hero. He was named as AFI's number 1 hero in a poll done by the institute. The minute he agrees to work on the case, he is starting out on a hero's journey. Although he outwardly doesn't succeed, he does stand up to prejudice and never turns his back on another person. I have included the scene where Finch takes the case. --Cate Mahaney)

Silence of the Lambs <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl5fM24mfRk>

In the Oscar-winning screenplay, The Silence of the Lambs, the audience identifies with the journey of the feminine hero. She embarks on a journey of confrontation with the ultimate killer, while also not allowing herself to become rattled, and starting her journey where the classical 'hero journey's' end; at the return to ordinary life after the descent. The film begins with Clarice returning from a deep process of self-examination lifting herself out of the abyss and stands on top of a hill ready to go and conquer the career she desires guided by the strength she has discovered on her inner journey. The video link is when Clarice is intertwined with her last, near death experience, part of her journey. -deLacy Kennedy

The Road of Trials / Tests and Ordeals
As previously mentioned, Oh Brother Where Art Thou is a modern film, that is based almost completely on The Odyssey. Although it is modern, almost all of the characters can be recognized as adaptations from The Odyssey. In this clip, you see John Goodman with an eye patch, and if you have read the book (which makes this movie much easier to understand!), than you know right away that this character represents Cyclops. This part of the movie represents one of the Tests and Ordeals that the hero must go through during their journey, and in George Clooney's character's case, this ordeal is fighting a robber who is the Cyclops.

Road of Trials
"Having left home, the pathway to and through the adventure now lies ahead for the hero."

Not to jump on the Hercules train, but the Disney version of this myth basically follows every step of the monomyth. After reading what the Road of Trials was I instantly thought of the classic scene in Hercules in which he sets off from his home to achieve bigger and better things. This road not only encompasses the hero's first few steps but it encompasses certain trials and tribulations as well. The first clip is one of the most iconic songs in the movie, while at the same time portraying the hero's first few steps along his journey (not to mention an awesome tune) and the second clip is of the hero engaging in a "Dragon Battle".
P.S. not sure why the clip keeps drifting up the widget column, but it's just north east of this comment.

Luke Hider

I don't have a video to back this one up, but many video games that follow a monomyth structure include a "Road of Trials" this being the majority of the game. You, as the hero, must play through the series of tasks and challenges collecting abilities and items that will ultimately help you defeat your final foe. There are countless games that do this and I don't think I can find a video that would be representative of this.

Meeting with the Goddess
"With all the obstacle overcome, the hero can find bliss in the arms of a lover. This is the ultimate prize for the hero."

Spider-Man having a "moment" with the woman he loves and longs for. The ultimate bliss for a hero.
-Alyssa Velk

The Temptation
The Cohen brothers did an excellent job of following the Hero's Journey. While it doesn't follow an adolescent, Everett McGill (played by George Clooney) has to embark on a long journey home, much like Odysseus. For anyone who is familiar with this movie, there are very many parallels in the movie with Homer's The Odyssey. This scene that I am showing you in particular is the siren's temptation over the men, and the travelers thinking the sirens turned their friend Pete into a frog. -Kristan B.

Woman as a Temptress
Here is the scene where Hercules meets Meg in the Disney version of Hercules. She was tempting him and causing him to be drawn to her whether she intended it or not, which caused him to save her and fall in love with her in the end.

-Alyssa Velk

Female Temptation in Batman
Poison Ivy acts as the temptress for Robin and tries to distract him from completing his task to fight evil. She seduces him while Batman fights off Bane. He ends up stopping Robin just in time since Ivy's tempting lures him in to kiss her which would have resulted in his death. -Andi Matecki

Male Temptress
I chose a clip from Pocahontas that demonstrates the tempress stage and also shows the negative side to this as Kocoum is shot after Pocahontas and John Smith kiss. (So this clip could also fit into the previous category)
-Kelsey Polhemus

To add to the Wiki I made all the posts about female heroes pink to show that there are female heroes as well which can be important when teaching students because girls might not be able to relate to male dominated stories. I would suggest using one of each if possible. -KP (Thanks for doing that. It was nice to see that there are some heroines for girls to relate to. It is sad that there are so many more black blocks of text than pink. But we can all try to represent them equally! --Cate Mahaney)

Woman as a temptress
The clip features a scene from a modern television series called Once Upon A Time. The hero (Prince Charming) seeks water from a lake after he was called to action by Cinderella, and took it upon himself to solve the problem with reluctance. While at the lake, he is tempted by a siren mermaid who poses as his lover, and tries to tempt him to make him stray.
-Amanda Guenther

Woman as Temptress: It always seem that women are put into fantasy/adventure films to bring problems and difficulties to men. Most of the time, it is men acting like fools. In this scene, from the movie Willow, Madmartigan (played by Val Kilmer) is trying to steal back the child. It seems like a simple task to crawl into a tent while the evil lady sleeps and take back the child. Unfortunately, Madmartigan is so taken by her beauty that he cannot help himself and he stops and stare. This throws the whole mission. Oh, men! --Cate Mahaney

Youtube.com woudn't let me embed the scene where Ivy kisses Robin, so here's the link to it:


Ultimate Boon: The movie Willow is similar to The Lord of the Rings. Except for a ring, a hero must save a child. This clip is from the end of the film, so SPOILER ALERT!!!!! The comparisons to The Lord of the Rings are apparent. The film was also written by George Lucas, who is no stranger to the monomyth. In this clip, Willow is able to defeat the evil sorceress and remove evil from his homeland. --Cate Mahaney


Refusal of the Return

The Magic Flight
"The hero may need to be rescued from without by humanity. This is followed a mad dash to return with the prize."

Aladdin is probably the first thing that comes to my mind when we think of a "Magic Flight" with the Magic Carpet ride Princess Jasmine and he take. He has this brief moment of joy and bliss with her out on their own in their own special place, then they return and he has to to get back to being focused and defeating Jafar.

-Alyssa Velk

The Magic Flight: Once Aladdin is in the cave and discovers a lamp at the top of a mound of rocks, he climbs to retrieve it without knowledge of the consequences for the preservation of the valuables in the cave. He soon realizes his mistake when two yellow eyes become angry for the displacement of what was theirs. --Katlyn Swanson

Return Home: After Maximus final battle against the Emperor Commodus, he returns to his eternal home in heaven where he is reunited with his son and wife. Knowing that the only way to see his family again is to die, he knows what he must do before he passes to the next life; he must kill the emperor in order for his once beloved Emperor Marcus Aurelius, his wife and son to receive justice. -- Katlyn Swanson

Final Battle: William Wallace last words of his life and journey to freedom expresses his struggles and purpose for overcoming the obstacles he has faced. By him screaming the word "freedom" when the executor asks him to show his loyalty to the King of England for a quick death; this symbolizes his journey to fight for what he believes and his will never to give up. --Katlyn Swanson

Master of the two worlds

Freedom to Live

Now that Perseus has defeated Hades and created a name for himself as a hero, Zeus once again asks him to join the other gods. He chooses to remain among the mortals and live with them instead. His father settles with his answer and presents him with the goddess, Io, who was murdered earlier in Perseus's journey, to live with him. _Andi Matecki

Another example of "Freedom to Live" is in Disney's The Lion King. Simba has completed his journey in finding himself and returned to Pride Rock to defeat Scar. Once taking his rightful spot as king he is now able to help the kingdom get back on its feet again. Simba is able to live and roam where he pleases among the other animals and his own pride. _Andi Matecki
Youtube.com won't let me embed the vidoe of Perseus choosing to stay with the mortals, but here's the link:

The Monomyth in general

Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim Video Games

The Video Game franchise, the Elder Scrolls, fits right into the monomyth. There are too many details to explain them all and all of the smaller hero stories so I will explain how the franchise fits in general terms.
In the Elder Scrolls series, the hero cycle can be seen in the main quests of the games, where the player is the hero. The Eternal Champion was the name of the character in the first Elder Scrolls series. His call to Adventure was imprisonment in the Imperial dungeons, Ria Silmane's first vision. Training by escaping the Imperial dungeons. The mentor is Ria Silmane, his cross of the threshold was escaping the dungeons and then discovering the location of the first staff piece. The journey in this story is finding the pieces of the Staff of chaos. Jagar Tharn is an enemy trying to deter the main character. The first battle after realizing some truth was the uniting of the Staff, and Ria Silmane's final message to the hero (the reward). After accepting the truth of who he is the main character has his final battle, a more near death experience with Jagar Tharn. By doing this he releases Uriel Septim, which leads into the next battle and finding out more information. Finally, after much work, he is named the Eternal Champion. -deLacy Kennedy
This is a video of someone's screen shot playing the game.

(I embedded all of the videos for deLacy so that people can just watch them on the same page instead of opening a bunch of tabs -Kelsey Polhemus)
The Matrix

The movie The Matrix, the main character, Neo, starts off the monomyth cycle with not fitting into his environment. He then has an opportunity for adventure which he immediately ignores due to fear. Neo then confronts his mentor, Morpheous. Now the adventure really begins after all the prep work and the fear is overcome, stage five. Neo then needs to discover who his enemies are (agents) and who his allies are (Morpheous and Trinity). In stage seven, the hero is now pretty far into the journey and starting to face the big question, after having a good grasp on the smaller events and questions. Stage eight, preparing, "guns. Lots of guns," and then actually facing the biggest challenge or the peak of the journey. This stage is when there is a test, usually the possibility and close call of death. If the hero wins the battle, there is next a reward of some kind, in The Matrix his reward is Trinity. Now the hero's challenge is to regroup himself after all that has happened and fully "beginning to believe." Facing death one more time is part of the monomyth but death this time is more real because he has accepted the truths of the journey, it is a deeper level testing everything on the journey so far. The final stage, according to Joseph Cambell, is "the elixir- bringing something back to share with everybody." -deLacy Kennedy

Alice in Wonderland
Movie Trailer <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9POCgSRVvf0>
(I am not sure why my videos do not appear as videos and only links, but when you click it it'll go directly to the video)
Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland does a very nice job of following the monomyth. This story is different from other monomyths because the hero in this is a female and not a male. Interestingly, Alice’s role isn’t so much a traditional protagonist, whose character is informed by the events of plot, Alice perceives surreal imagery and divines the wit behind the word games presented. She isn’t important to the structure or development of text in any meaningful way, she rarely contributes a word, however she is the reason that all the events take place. -deLacy Kennedy

I fixed your video links for you! -Kelsey Polhemus
Thank you it was driving me nuts! How do you make them work? -deLacy

The King and I
Movie Trailer <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvbZNxZFn-g>
The King and I is one of my favorite movies and stories that follows the monomyth. I like that Anna is the female hero in the story and that she is a teacher and single mother as well. Her new world is the Thai's, warning of the New World: "do you know what you're doing, a woman alone in a place like this"-captain of ship, pushing into the Journey: Anna meets the king. Trial 1 / learning norms and values of new world: "your head must be lower than mine"-King, Trial 2: Anna argues with the king because he's not keeping his promise about the house; King says she will stay in palace and be his servant, Trial 3: Anna advices the King what to do about the barbarian label he has. Reward: Anna gets her house outside of palace walls. Master of Two Worlds / Selves / Transformation: the young son learns and makes new proclamations with Anna's help and guidance. Anna helps not only the King become a better ruler and family man, but she also helps the next King in line become ready to rule and the wives of the King to be better wives. All along Anna is learning about herself and what she believes as well. -deLacy Kennedy

I know many of you have been posting videos and clips (all very interesting) but I came across this short article that briefly brought up the many many uses of Greek Gods in our current every day life. Mostly in businesses, products, etc. Most you probably already know of I just thought it was interesting to see what God is paired with what product or business. I'll post a few just to get your thoughts going along with the original article. Please post more if you think of any!

Greek Mythology in Modern Day

-Brittany Krise

I really like this addition Brittany! I would not have thought about it until someone else brought it up! I found a few more to add as well I posted them on the Gallery page! -deLacy
external image nike-701.jpgexternal image goodyear-logo.gif
external image venusLogo_spaBreezeCart_20090818.jpg
external image midas-logo-300px.jpg external image &maxW=200&maxH=120
external image emt%202.jpg
Watched the movie Real Steal recently and seen they used two Greek Gods as robot in the film. When I was doing some research I found that within the game they have fairly detailed stories and statistics for the robots. I also coincidentally found a wiki page with this information on it I thought it would be interesting to see how Greek gods are paired with futuristic technology. The two they used in the movie were the most powerful both within that situation, and within Greek mythology. Its also interesting to see the physical adaptation from Greek gods to robots.

Real Steel Zeus

Real Steel Midas

-Brittany Krise


I Am Legend
(This clip shows the end of the movie when Dr. Neville sacrifices himself for the greater good).
This movie is a great depiction of the monomyth. The Hero, Dr. Neville, is on a personal journey to survive
and to get his family back. He is also on a journey to find a cure for a virus that has turned all civilization
into zombies.The Ultimate Boon in the movie iswhen Dr. Neville realizes the cure and takes blood from
himself and gives it to Anna ("the Goddess") so that she can take it to the mountain people and save the
world. Mastery of two Worlds/Reward: Dr. Neville made the mastery even though he didn’t make the full
journey around, his cure did and that is what mattered most to him.

-deLacy Kennedy

Beowulf flight scene (Beowulf and Grendel)

This epic poem was turned an awful 3D film in 2007, the story however will live on forever.
Beowulf: "Keep a memory of me, not as a king or a hero; but as a man: fallible and flawed."

Beowulf: "We shall fight as equals and fate shall decide."
Beowulf: "We are Geats. I am Beowulf, son of Edgethow. We come seeking your Prince Hrothgar in friendship."
These quotes show that Beowulf does not view himself better than others and that he is a man just like everyone else,
he tries to not fight if needed, but in the end he must and he will conquer.

-deLacy Kennedy

Toy Story Movie Trailer

In Toy Story, the call to adventure begins when Andy’s toys, at Andy’s birthday party, try to see what new toys Andy gets because they are worried about being replaced. The refusal to the call is when the new toy, Buzz Light Year, arrives and impresses the other toys. Woody, the leader of Andy’s toys, is intimidated by Buzz, who would be considered the “supernatural aid” in the movie. The first threshold is crossed when Buzz proves to the toys that he can fly, although he does not actually have the ability to fly. Buzz and Woody encounter the belly of the whale while at Sid’s house, attempting to escape from his dog and mutant toys. The “magic flight” is when Woody and Buzz use the rocket strapped to Buzz’s back to launch the two of them into Andy’s car.
-deLacy Kennedy