1. Play in the Sandbox.

2. Use the Resources page to post general information on mythology, adolescent development or adolescent lit materials (not your book!!)

3. Post images, videos, and other online material to our online Gallery. Be sure to provide some sort of caption to explain your image and credit your source.

4. Create your own page for a Young Adult book you will select, read, and review. This is the meat of your Wiki assignments for this Wiki.
How to do it? Chose a book (stuck? Check out the awesome Carmel Librarylist here, or the extensive list from Goodreads members here). Read it, taking some notes as you go about how you might present the book to students or other teens. Click on New Page at the top of the left-hand column of this Wiki. Create a page with the books title as the title of the page. Add information about the book, your summary and review, interesting and useful links related to the material (the mythic structure used, an author page, etc.). I strongly suggest that you add your page early, and work on it throughout the semester.

5. Check out your peers' pages, and add useful information, comments and changes.

6. Complete the Module 2 assignment(hero comparison chart)

7. Complete the Module 5 Assignment