Hello and Welcome to Our First Collaborative Wiki!

This is our first collaboration on a Wiki. As such, I have made some initial postings to help you get started. We'll revisit and revise this Wiki throughout the semester as we add useful resources for using Adolescent Literature focused on Mythology.

In this Wiki you will share:

Resource Materials for our Resources Page. These are web tools, like video or audio files, podcasts, hyperlinks, and so on, as well as any original material of your own. Consider this a library of sorts, where you as a class can create a space for further research and for sharing ideas.

Images for our Gallery Page. These are images you find on the web or upload from your computer. They are modern and ancient images of gods, goddesses and mythological elements from a variety of cultures. As a group, you'll organize and present this Gallery in a cohesive, interesting way. Think of it as an online collage, of sorts.

Your own page highlighting a YA novel you have discovered and provide some review material for your classmates. If you need help in creating a New
Page, view the how-to video, here::

In your initial post, I strongly suggest that you provide the following:

  1. Information about the title and author, with a brief plot summary;
  2. A full explanation of how this book is a valuable addition to our pantheon;
  3. Web-based resources in the form of clickable links to find the book or related information (use the world and link icon on the top menu bar to embed a link into your text by copying the address and pasting it in the pop-up wizard, or by simple cut and paste of the address into your post.
  4. One or two "in practice" ideas about how to approach the book in a classroom (if this is relevant to your major- non education majors are welcome to share ideas as well, but I don't expect you to)- would this be worthy of a unit, or is it a book list book? How might you present the book to students? etc.

You must create one page originally (to present your novel), and you must respond to other students' pages with at least 3 valuable edits or additions.

When you are ready to post:

You can find pages on the left-hand column, or use the hotlinks.

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For tips on how to behave, check the Wiki Etiquette Page.

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